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Wreckless Eric solo show technical rider and stage plan


vocal – Shure SM58
guitar amp – Shure SM57
acoustic guitar direct box

Please read the following notes carefully and understand that I include them to make the job easier, and not in order to cause personal offence. Most of the sound engineers I encounter are professional, competent and easy to work with and I have the greatest respect for them.

I only need one monitor mix but that doesn’t mean one single monitor. I’ll take as many as you’ve got though two usually works fine.


No obvious reverb on vocals. In most circumstances it usually works best to leave the reverb out completely.

Please don’t mute the acoustic guitar channel at any time.

The acoustic guitar direct sound should be fat and loud. The acoustic guitar is also routed through my guitar amplifier and this signal should be mixed into the direct sound, though the direct sound should be predominant.

I need the acoustic guitar and vocal in the monitors.

No guitar amplifier signal in the monitors as in I DON’T want to hear the sound of the guitar amplifier coming out of the monitors.

I think it reasonable to expect the sound engineer to be at the mixing desk for the duration of the set and to be paying attention – NOT texting, facebooking, eating a kebab, reading a book, talking to mates, sleeping…

I am not an acoustic folk act and I don’t appreciate lazy engineers who see an acoustic guitar and assume they’re going to have a night off. I play rock ‘n’ roll music and use electric instruments which get loud from time to time. I’m willing to work with the sound engineer but it must be understood from the outset that the music is at times loud and dynamic by nature.
I’ve been doing this for a long time – I know what I’m doing.

Lighting and general stage appearance
I’d like exactly the same lighting that Billy Idol had on his last arena tour.

Obviously I’ll work with what you’ve got. I like warm colours in the lighting and the light should be focused on the vocal mic areas running out to shadows and darkness.

Please bear in mind that if it isn’t somehow focused and pleasing to the eye people’s natural inclination will be to turn away – and if they’re not looking at it they probably won’t listen to it.

I expect to play on a stage that is clear of spare mic stands, broken equipment, beer crates etc. Please, no beer crates.

Any equipment belonging to opening acts must be moved off and away from the stage area at the end of their set. I won’t play on a stage that is cluttered with other bands equipment. This isn’t just some prima donna thing – if there’s a band’s equipment set up behind me the audience will assume that a band is going to walk on and join me, and that won’t be the case. There is no band, that’s the point!

I appreciate a clean working environment. I’d like to think that there’s more to doing this than just trying to avoid contracting another skin disease.

And having said all that I’d like to stress just how nice and easy going I am in real life! Usually.

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