Put Out More Flags (And Keep The Aspidistra Flying)

Show of paintings at The Lawns Hotel, Holt, Norfolk UK during The Holt Festival 19th – 26th July 2014

They asked me for a title so I gave them one, then I went on a massive US solo tour and forgot all about it for a while. It isn’t possible to drive a large car loaded with guitars and amplifiers at high speed across America and paint at the same time. I was averaging 3000 miles a week. It gives you time to think.
Attempts to paint late at night in motel rooms gave rise to a lot of small paintings, my budget series. Hotels take an imprint of your credit card so you’ve got to leave the room a bit like you found it. Some mornings it was like cleaning up a murder scene… read more / see the paintings

plus live solo show 26th July, Theatre In The Woods, Holt Festival, Holt, Norfolk UK




Wreckless Eric Radio Show #37

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #37
A man with a blocked-up ear struggles gamely on. Simon & Garfunkel, Jarvis Cocker, David Greenberger, The Chrome Cranks, Chuck Prophet and a whole array of electronical swoops and bleeps (plus a discourse on the idiocies of the silly sod who wrote the sleeve notes for a John Barry album and couldn’t see a good thing when it was staring him in the face) are just some of the treats this poor, deaf blighter is missing…just click on this link …or that link.

Dead End Fallen Rock Zone Bump

It was May and we were in Fargo, on our way to Winnipeg. Now it’s July and I’m here at home on a Sunday morning waiting for Amy to get ready to go to Hudson to get a decent espresso.
I don’t know where the time goes (does anybody?) – there we were motoring all over the mid-west, from Winnipeg where we played to sold out shows at the Stu-Dome, one of the wackiest homemade venues, to the pointlessness of Omaha….read more

New paintings site!

As of about five minutes ago I have a new site for my paintings: wrecklessericpaintings.com
There are a load of paintings for sale, mostly at very reasonable prices. I hardly know what else to say – I suppose I ought to being blabbing about it on Twitter though I think I’ve been cut off there for not being intersting enough.

A Last Bash At Maxwells

We’re playing one of the last shows at Maxwells this Tuesday, opening for Ian Hunter & The Rant Band. It’s completely sold out but you might be able to climb in through the toilet window. And we’re playing with Ian again on July 11th  in Wilmington, Delaware.

02  HOBOKEN NJ, Maxwells (with Ian Hunter) tickets 
11  WILMINGTON DE, The World Cafe @ Queens  tickets

Needless to say we’re thrilled to bits!

How Far Can We Go

We stopped for the night in Fargo on our way to Winnipeg. Apparently you can have your photo taken with the actual wood chipper used in the film Fargo – it’s just down the road and you can buy one of those silly looking hats with ear flaps to wear while you’re being photographed…. read on

13  WINNIPEG CANADA, StuDome SOLD OUT – 2nd show added
16  OMAHA NE, 
17  ST LOUIS MO, Off Broadway (with The Bo-Keys!)

Blood on the bar room floor

Tales from the touring front

We shared the night at The Lovin’ Cup in Rochester last night with a beer tasting shindig and it wasn’t a good co-bill. It was obvious that the Lovin’ Cup management’s first priority was to keep a crowd of  ignorant, beer-swilling morons in the place for as long as possible in order to maximise beer sales, at the expense of our concert….read on


Stones, no moss, we’re good to go

We keep on rolling…
Just as I got used to being at home again we’re back on the road again. See you in Manitowoc or Omaha or somewhere.

University Cafe – 7 PM TICKETS
08  ROCHESTER NY, The Lovin’ Cup  A Bop Shop event
Schuba’s (early show 7 PM)  TICKETS
11  MANITOWOC WI, Music Without Boundaries
13  WINNIPEG CANADA, StuDome SOLD OUT - 2nd show added
16  OMAHA NE, 
Slowdown TICKETS
17  ST LOUIS MO, Off Broadway (with The Bo-Keys!)
An Die Musik 5 PM TICKET

These Boots Are Made For…

We’ve been on this tour for so long that the soles of my boots have finally worn through. I’ve been wearing the same pair, an old pair of Blunstones that were already a bit worn out, since we started at the end of August last year.

We’ve got another week in England and then we’re going home for a rest while my boots get repaired ready for the next bit. I should have said leg there – tours always had legs back in the golden age of grinding around smashing up the odd hotel room and wearing out rock hardware, transit vans and footwear. Anyway I settled on the rather lame bit.

So until the next bit here’s the next bit:

21  SHEFFIELD, Greystones ticket link
22  BRISTOL, The Thunderbolt www.thethunderbolt.net/
23  SWINDON, The Rolleston www.therolleston.co.uk
24  WORCESTER, Marrs Bar http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207487
25  LIVERPOOL, Lomax http://www.lomaxliverpool.com/events.cfm  tickets
27  HOLT Norfolk UK, The Railway Tavern tickets on the door

Liverpool and Holt are last minute additions just to make sure we’re thoroughly worn out in time for Easter which we’re planning to spend on the South Coast getting thoroughly worn out by my family before we fly home. If I can find a music shop that sells the right guitar strings for me and a good shoe repairer I’ll be a happy man.