I should make this site look better, I should update it more often, I should be pro-active and make the whole thing more zingy or groovy or one of those other stupid words ending in the letter Y. I should respond to one of those emails offering to optimize my site so that every time someone types in my name it magically rises to the top of the heap of internet clutter…
I should go back to school and learn media studies or whatever fiddling about with all this stuff is called. And I should employ a website designer but I’ve never met one that I liked who isn’t busy all the time.
I suppose I ought to be more busy myself, but you know… there are limits, and all I really want to do is drink an espresso, make some freaky noise and drive around in a big old Buick.
One day when I’ve got the time I’ll write a really good biography promo thing so that everyone can know everything there is to know about me. But in the meantime:
My name is Eric Goulden and I’m also known as Wreckless Eric and have been since I made my first record back in 1976.
I’m married to the delectable singer, songwriter and artist Amy Rigby.
I’m English (very) but I live in upstate New York.
I’m signed to Fire Records who are busy re-issuing my back catalogue and preparing for a new album release in November 2015.

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