He won’t recreate 1978 for you, he’ll blow your mind instead. Forty years of touring have left him in good shape. He’s coming to town.

New album Construction Time & Demolition out on March 30th

…we all thought he’d just play a few songs from his new album, “amERICa”, a few classics from his Stiff Records years, and we’d go home after hearing “Whole Wide World”. But this was not a night of an old rocker going through the motions. It was an evening of pure rock and roll; an evening of performance art with a garage-rock flavor.It was a combination of Neil Young’s “Ragged Glory” era, Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”, Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music”, and any album in the Sonic Youth catalog. Song began with layers and layers of different frequencies of noise and ended with these sounds blending into the next tune. It was almost like a 90-minute medley of Wreckless Eric’s best songs.
Scott Hudson, Argus Leader / Live Ledge